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Group of special school teachers and SNAs vaccinated at Beacon Hospital last month HSE says group should not have been vaccinated as part of cohort 2 but did so ‘in good faith’ Fifty staff from two special schools in Dublin and Wicklow received vaccinations at the Beacon on the morning of March 23rd. Photograph: iStock A group of teachers, special needs assistants (SNAs) and support staff were vaccinated last month at the Beacon Hospital after registering for the jab online, the Health Service Executive (HSE) has confirmed. The agency said it had not referred any staff from special schools for Covid-19 vaccination at the Beacon centre but that a group of teachers, SNAs and a small number of support staff had registered with the online portal “in a belief that they fitted into the category of frontline health workers (cohort 2)”. “These staff work with children with disabilities, many of whom are in the very high or high-risk categories, and some support these people in residential and respite settings,” said a statement from the HSE. “However they should not have been vaccinated as part of cohort 2, though the decisions to do so were made in good faith.” The HSE was commenting following a report from RTÉ Radio One on Friday morning that 50 staff from two special schools in Dublin and Wicklow received vaccinations at the Beacon on the morning of March 23rd. The vaccination of this cohort at the Beacon took place just a few hours before the controversial vaccination of 20 teachers and staff from St Gerard’s, a fee-paying school outside Bray, Co Wicklow at the private hospital. The Government subsequently suspended the operation of the hospital’s vaccination programme while a review of the incident is taking place. Earlier this week, it was revealed that staff in special schools in Wexford , Dublin and Galway had also been vaccinated ahead of of schedule despite a Government decision to remove teachers from the priority list for vaccination in favour of an age-based approach. About 50 staff in special schools in the Dublin area were among a total of 191 people who were called from a reserve list to be vaccinated at the Aviva Stadium to “avoid wastage” . They were called from a reserve list after a group of people from a disability service provider did not arrive for their jabs due to a “misunderstanding around vaccine scheduling”. The HSE also confirmed vaccines were administered to a “small number” of school staff at a special school in Co Wexford, while sources have confirmed that staff at a special school in Co Galway were also vaccinated recently. The executive apologised for any errors which resulted in school staff being categorised as frontline health workers on the basis that they worked with many high-risk children with disabilities in residential settings. It said these decisions were made in “good faith”. The Government’s decision to remove teachers from the priority list sparked anger among teachers’ unions who voted on Wednesday to hold ballots for strike action unless they are reprioritised for vaccination by the end of the current school year. Fórsa, the union which represents SNAs, said the development underlined the need to ensure its members across all special schools are vaccinated as soon as possible. Minister for Education Norma Foley said the change to the vaccination programme was based on age being the single most important factor in Covid-19 causing severe illness, hospitalisation and death. She said the decision was not a reflection on any one profession and had been driven by science. The Government’s target is for 80 per cent of adults to have had their first vaccine dose by the end of June.


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Spring Review: UF once again tasked with replacing receiver production GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida wrapped up spring football practice a few weeks ago and Swamp247 has had plenty of time to speak to sources close to the program to learn what went well and what didn't at every position. We've already begun our post-spring position review series for some key takeaways at each position. We continue today with wide receiver. Overview: Florida had plenty to replace at receiver, with the top two options in Kadarius Toney and Trevon Grimes departing. Florida replaced a foursome of veterans in 2020 without a hitch, and the Gators will be trying to do similar in 2021 with a lot of production departing. Unlike a year ago, there's significantly less experience at the position, so Florida will really need some younger players to begin to emerge as significant contributors. It's hard to remember the last time Florida was this big at receiver. The Gators' smallest receiver is Jacob Copeland at 6 foot, 204 pounds, and he's one of the strongest pound-for-pound players on the team. There are five players listed at 6 foot 3 or taller, and almost everyone has an excellent catch radius thanks to really long arms. The group should be well-equipped to handle physical play at the line of scrimmage. Dan Mullen noted it a couple recruiting cycles ago, but Florida needed to add some true slot receiver types and really hasn't done that in the last couple classes. So the Gators won't have a traditional slot receiver -- a smaller, shiftier guy who could really create problems with quick-twitch ability underneath and out of the backfield. Trent Whittemore is expected to be the starter in the slot and while he's plenty athletic, he'll be a different type player than the traditional smaller, speedier slot guys we're used to seeing. *** What Needs To Happen: This one is pretty simple. Someone has to emerge as a viable SEC starting-caliber target to help reduce the pressure on Copeland and Justin Shorter to supply the majority of the production. Someone from the group of Ja'Markis Weston , Xzavier Henderson , Jaquavion Fraziars and Daejon Reynolds needs to emerge as a viable outside threat. If they can double as a deep threat capable of stretching the field that would be eve better. Getting some level of comfort with what happens when Jones takes off outside the pocket will also be a big factor.

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